Dramatic  Sunset in California

Dramatic Imagery


Artist | Photographer

Sum and Substance

I live and breathe technology and art, especially the two combined. These endeavors had begun from the time I saw the light of day, and have provided a renaissance in my recent life. From cinematography and necessity, my study of light began along with the realization that photography is the mastery of such. Photography offers my psyche a greater creative purpose – one than can silently and powerfully be shared with the world’s audience. It truly is a never-ending study, not just of tools and technique but one of perspective and light. Employ the proper use of these, and one may touch the soul of another.

My nature is to realize visual stimulus that evokes thought, drama or controversy. My mind’s eye sees a paradox in each image amongst the balance and counter-balance, harmony and asymmetry, poetic and dissonant with a quest to the capture the perfect coincidence.

As the world evolves, so too, must I. Design, innovation, creativity, technology – all redefined daily. I am a slave to the circumstances presented to me. Obliged to notice when none else might; to see the unseen details; to capture an indelibly passionate impression, dutifully inscribed by each image. 

Define beauty, or redefine it. Capture it. Embrace it. Find it in each fleeting moment when the essence of circumstance occurs. Think in the context of the theme, so that the elements may come into focus. These are my core philosophies. They compel me. They ultimately define my objective. 

Photography allows those that dare to capture reality, have reality capture them. With each shot, I strive to encompass the real story behind each image with a touch of the surreal. Ultimately, it is the viewfinder for my mind’s eye, and provides the depth for my field of view.

Currently, my residence is in Los Angeles, but my heart extends to the far reaches of this earth, from the simple to the exotic.